Here you will find all the relevant information about our organization and our cause. Whether it be resources such as printable posters for your own campaigns or media clippings regarding local crime stories and how it is affecting the fabric of our communities. Nobody should have to live in fear and with your help, hopefully someday in the near future nobody will have to.

Browse, interact & empower yourself!

Feel free to browse our website and contact us with any questions or queries you may have. Every voice counts and it is our hope that together, we will grow into a powerful voice big enough to be heard, and strong enough to create the essential (and long overdue) change required to eradicate this cancerous crime from our local communities.

Change will happen when we stand as one.

When Veronica Guerin was murdered. Within weeks, legislation was enacted to make our country a safer place.  We exist for now, to give a clear message to people in power and those involved in crime showing them that the laws and practices, needs to be changed to deal with crime.

People in power need to make the resources necessary, available to ensure that there are more Gardai, more prisons, that there are less loop holes, and that more responsibility is eventually placed on those carrying out crimes instead of those affect by them!.

Criminals are hurting the most vulnerable people in our society and those responsible are allowed to roam our streets, city and villages in broad daylight with no effective action being pursued.

We intend to make this a national movement, free from political agenda, targeting people who profit from criminal activity, we intend to obtain commitments from those who have the power to change our legislation to encompass rules and practices to protect those who need our support.

We need your help!

Please help us save our local community by getting people in your local area / district urban or rural area and get them together to help our aim.
Get your local club, voluntary committee or large group of friends together and get their thoughts and lend us your support!
Link to our facebook page and spread the word.
Enquire, discuss and get written signed opinions from your local politicians.

Support & encourage your local members of An Garda Siochana.

If you have a skill that may help, we need you. An example being this site itself has been voluntarily created by David-lee of Zen Water Filters



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